WOD: 6-20-12


Strength: Tabata this:

Hollow Rocks (8 rounds)
Ring Hold (8 rounds)

Add a vest for the Ring Hold if necessary.

WOD: For Time:

25 Deadlifts (225/155)
50 Pull Ups
25 Deadlifts (225/155)


Before you ask, what you see up there in the strength portion does indeed mean that you are going to do all 8 rounds of the Hollow Rock AND THEN all 8 rounds of the Ring Hold.  That also means that if you are going to wear a vest, that you have 10 seconds to put it on and get ready for the Ring Holds.  If you don’t know whether or not you need a vest, try the Ring Hold at first without it.  If you are smiling through all 20 seconds of the first round, then you shall be issued a vest.

Before you say it, this workout is going to be hard.  In fact, take a moment and read it again…now take a second moment and think about how hard it is going to be to do.  Opening with 25 Deadlifts can be a lot.  Take a moment to realize that the 50 Pull Ups afterwards should be a cause of concern.  Take a moment now to set up a glass of water next to your bed for when you wake up from your WOD nightmare.  Take an additional moment still to grasp the fact that after the Pull Ups, there are still 25 MORE Deadlifts.  Take one last moment to think how heavy they are going to be.  Take one last moment to worry about the workout as a whole…

Now take a moment to remember that you are  a beast and that you are going to crush this WOD,




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